Private practice software
Private practice software

Private Practice Software Prices

There is a growing number of private practice software providers around and prices can vary widely. Most packages have an introductory price on the licence, which includes about two months of support, and comes with basic modules such as unlimited patient notes and details, medical history, reminders letters and appointments, an unlimited number of patient records and some accounts software. Some software includes a trial version of payments and clinical notes in their introductory price.

The software is not cheap but many private practices find that the streamlining it provides for their business saves them money in the long run and can increase their levels of business. Private Practice software prices of the various additional modules can vary and may include the following:

  • Private practice software clinical notes
  • Private practice software expenses
  • PPS mobile synced with Microsoft Outlook
  • Annual support and upgrades

Some private practice software may also offer further additional modules including:

  • On and offsite training modules
  • Data conversion
  • Multiple location appointment booking system

Private practice software prices plus the licence will, at an affordable price be around L700. The second list above is usually arranged in discussions with the provider as to your individual needs and prices are rarely quoted as the extent and cost of these services will vary according to your needs and your budget.

Dedicated private practice software prices for example, software for dentist’ clinics or physiotherapists are usually priced according to the functional levels of the different packages. Chiropractors and dentists for example may require modules designed for digital imaging and loading and storing X-rays. It is difficult to generalise in this area because different types of practices will require certain types of dedicated software. Chiropractors may need X-ray and line drawing modules in their investigation of spinal problems and injuries, and this can mean a substantial increase in the price of their software packages. Some software packages, particularly GO practice management software and dental software may include NHS transfer and NHS pension modules, all of which come at an extra price. Dental private practice software prices can be quite high and in addition to patient records, clinical notes, appointment and billing systems will often include the following:

  • Clinical charting
  • Perio charting
  • Digital imaging
  • Treatment planning
  • The management of practices across different sites.
  • Document and mail management
  • Billing and accounts

If you have the complete private practice software for dentists, and many dentists will need that, can cost upwards of L1500. The extra cost is largely due to the price of charting, digital imaging and the management of practices across different sites. Specialised software for some private practices has been developed on the back of years of research and with the help of industry professionals, and all this raises the cost of the software packages. In order to get the best possible deal for your specific practice software needs you should do your own research to see what is on offer before you decide to buy.

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