Private practice software
Private practice software

Dentistry Private Practice Software

Dentistry private practice software is meant to enable you to run your practice more efficiently and in a cost effective manner. The thorough documentation of clinic practices and patient records and treatment details also means that private practice software will save you time. The best dentistry private practice software is designed to compliment the way that dentist practices work in the real world. Increasingly, private practice software for dentists is easy to use and professionals and support staff require only minimal training to get started.

Dentistry private practice software is designed to deal with patient records and appointments and includes treatment planning and perio and clinical charting. Digital imaging makes it easier for the dentist to view patient X-rays and to get a clear picture of any problems that require treatment. The software is designed to sync with third party software as private practice dentists may also have some NHS patients and transfers and payments need to be collected.

The accounts and billing module of dentistry private practice software deals with invoicing and will flag up unpaid invoices for easy payment management. The accounts module is also designed to deal with equipment and supplies inventory and purchasing and most modules will also include a facility for staff salaries and employee details. The reporting feature allows relevant people to view treatment data and patients records including missed appointments and payments in fully customised and detailed reports.

A common feature of dentistry private practice software is treatment planning where treatments and orthodontic assessments can be recorded. NHS payments may also be recorded in treatment planning and payment requests can be transmitted online. Very often major third party software links are already integrated into dentistry private practice software. NHS transmissions allow for reporting of NHS patient treatment and costs and may include any problems or questions over payment.

The digital imaging feature of dentistry private practice software allows professionals to attach photographs and X-rays to individual patient records. Images can be imported and exported and edited where necessary. Many dental practices have more than one site and the link feature allows for the networking of multiple sites on the web. The link feature also allows you to access patient records and schedules no matter which office you happen to be in.

Dentistry private practice software transmits data in an encrypted form for security purposes and patient records are secure on the system as they can only be accessed by those with the required user privileges. The feature contains patientís medical history and is easily updated and all data is backed up on a regular basis to guard against data loss. Users of dentistry private practice software can access ongoing technical support via email and over the phone some software also has downloadable user manuals and video tutorials. Prices for this software start at around L1,000 but the pricing structure is usually quite straightforward and it is rare for users to be hit with further, unexpected costs.

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