Private practice software
Private practice software

Private Practice Software FAQs

Private Practice software is now used by thousands of clinics and health centres across the UK. Those professionals who are new to the idea of this kind of software should visit websites and take a look at the private practice software faqs section. The most common questions about the software are laid out below.

I have a Mac, will Private Practice Software work on that?

A common occurrence in private practice software faqs relates to the type of computer with which the software is compatible. Some private practice software will run on Macs as well as PCs. In general if your computer will run Firefox, it is generally appropriate for most mainstream private practice software programmes. Providers tend not to recommend IE as it is not always compatible with such software.

Where is data kept and can I rest assured of its safety?

Private practice software faqs demonstrate that most potential users are concerned about data storage and security. While much of the private practice software is web based, it can usually be stored on the providerís servers and data centres or even on your own site in conversation with the IT team to ensure that things are set up correctly. Even if you choose providerís data centres data is always stored securely and transmitted via an encrypted connection so nobody but you and those members of your staff with privileges can access it.

You can choose to have backups running on your data as often as you choose. It is recommended that the complete system is backed up at least twice a day. You can rest assured that processes and documentation are in place to establish the utmost security of your data.

What happens if my connection fails or computer goes down?

Internet connection failure is a common concern in private practice software faqs. If everything is stored with the provider then you will need an internal connection as much of the private practice software is web based. It is recommended that you use the services of more than one broadband provider; if you do your own hosting then connection failure should not be a problem. There are a couple of other recurring private practice frequently asked questions dealt with below.

Many practitioners now like to have the facility for their patients to book appointments online and this is one of the frequently occurring private practice software faqs. Patients can usually book online on an individual basis and providing they follow the required protocol from you. Patients have to be invited to book their appointments online.

Naturally, professionals are concerned about what should happen to their old data, as they may want to refer to some of it in the future. With most private practice software there is a facility for importing your existing data into the programme so you wonít have to worry about patient records and your notes getting lost. While there are other things that concern professionals these are best addressed by private practice software faqs sections on various providersí websites.

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