Private practice software
Private practice software

Medical Private Practice Software

An increasing number of health centres, clinics and medical private practice businesses now manage their client records and other features of their practice online. There has been a growth in the number of companies offering web based medical private practice software. Some practice owners are hesitant about web based private practice software because of their concerns about data security. The law on data security is quite strict and those in medical private practice do not want the security of patient records and documentation to fall into the wrong hands. Most companies will offer clients the choice of whether to use an appliance supplied by the company that allows them to host their own software or whether to rely on securely transmitted encrypted data from the provider. Providers are well aware of the need to ensure that patient records are kept confidential and can only be viewed by those people with the requisite computer privileges at a practice.

Some medical private practice software can be synced with the NHS where doctors in private practice work one or two days a week within the NHS. Syncing payments makes it much easier to generate a financial report that gives a truer picture of the financial state of your business. Most medical software offers a basic package with additional modules as required. The basic features of much of the software for medical private practices will usually include the following:

  • Diaries and electronic medical records
  • Scheduling for all the doctors in a practice
  • Patient records and documents
  • Referrals
  • Billing and finance
  • Logs of activities and audits
  • Report generation

Most software features are chosen according to the specific needs of a practice and some providers will give basic information as to what these features consist of on their websites. Optional features in most medical private practice software may differ according to the providers, but can usually be expected to include the following:

  • Advanced reports a bespoke reporting service with figures and graphs in your requested format.
  • Integrated finance modules usually synced with NHS billing
  • Prescriptions
  • Clinical practice and coding and the creation of customised clinical forms to allow for clinical information to be precisely recorded.
  • Electronic pathology where individual patient notes can be linked with the documentation and provides a record of specific test results

Medical private practice software can be quite expensive because of its detail and complexity. Most packages will come with ongoing email support for the practice and a user support site with user manuals and guides to getting the best out of your software. Many providers offer in-depth training solutions to practices, particularly when it comes to the more complicated aspects of the software. Companies will usually import your existing data and patient records into the software, including paper based records which are then converted into a useable electronic format. Medical private practice software can be adapted to suit the needs of your practice and patients in consultation with software providers.

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