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Private practice software

ClinicOffice v4 Review

ClinicOffice v4 has been developed by Pioneer Software Limited and is the most advanced practice management software for healthcare professionals on the market today. The latest generation of this software has been specifically designed to work with Microsoft Windows. ClinicOffice is aimed at medical professionals and first came onto the market in 2001 and was aimed at UK chiropractors. Customer requests inspired ongoing developments until ClinicOffice was available to all kinds of healthcare professionals. The software is designed to enhance your business and improve patient handling as well as dealing with all the administrative and financial aspects of your practice.

ClinicOffice v4 was introduced in 2009 this is the most revolutionary release to date and has many enhancements compared to previous versions of the software. Version 4 has a huge list of features and extras can be added as and when a business requires them. The administrative aspects of the software includes appointment diaries and waiting list facilities, a patient database with customisable fields, contact and staff databases, fully customisable onscreen forms, record flagging, accounts and billing and email integration for contacts and patients. The billing system shows late payers and reduces the occurrence of bad debtors.

ClinicOffice v4 has plenty of features that the medical professional needs for a successful private practice. The healthcare modules will enable the streamlining of your professional practice, in addition to the streamlining of the business aspect of things. The features include clinical case and session notes with customisable fields, a daily clinic screen that provides an overview of what is going on at the practice. The software supports full clinical histories including documents and clinical imaging. If your business supports a number of clinics then these can all be managed on the one database.

ClinicOffice v4 practice management software has integrated word-processing facilities and an enhanced reporting engine with charting. The patient contact centre messages, emails, reminders and follow up letters as well as medicine reviews. Pioneer is a small software company that has cornered the market in the implementation of applications for Microsoft Windows. There are four different editions of ClinicOffice v4 available for you to buy and these include the following:

  • ClinicOffice v4 Start up edition
  • The professional edition
  • Server edition and the hosted edition

ClinicOffice v4 is available on subscription or by purchasing the licence, further licences are available at an extra cost and this varies depending on which edition of the software you have.

If you are looking for a practice management system that is based on continuing cutting edge research for private practice healthcare professionals then ClinicOffice v4 is for you. The software is provided by an established company that has made its mark in software provision for private practice healthcare. ClinicOffice v4 practice management software will enhance your practice and enable you to grow your business, making the software a cost effective investment. Pioneer continues to develop and market ClinicOffice v4 while at the same time providing its clients with training and support in the use of their practice management software.

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