Private practice software
Private practice software

Bluespier Private Practice Manager

Bluespier private practice manager is the first system of its kind to combine the administrative practices that are needed to run your business effectively, with detailed clinical data capture processes. Bluespier offers a top of the range single system that simplifies the tasks associated with running a private practice. Bluespier private practice manager operates on continuous improvement based on feedback from existing users. The company has hundreds of users throughout the UK because the software is consistently relevant to the needs of professionals in private medical practice and to a growing demand for accurate data, both clinical and administrative.

No matter what your private practice speciality, Bluespier private practice manager is the only system that is fully adaptive to a range of medical private practices. The system gives users total control over the administrative aspects of their practice, including specially created templates and the ability to import word documents and patient records. Bluespier has a complete patient management system, including records, appointments and billing. The system makes it easy for users to access and generate letters, invoices and reports and to retrieve information.

Bluespier private practice manager automatically assigns to each patient record the relevant administrative, clinical and billing data, which makes it much easier to see those who do not pay their invoices on time. For security reasons data is encrypted during transmission and is accessible from any location, which is ideal if you work from home sometimes or if you have several practices in different areas.

In recent years Bluespier has become an international leader in the development of integrated private practice software. The company was among the first to put together administrative and clinical functions into one integrated package, simplifying the system for users and thereby enhancing their practice. The development of Bluespier private practice manager is undertaken by its clinical developers and software team and their systems are in use in private practices and hospitals in four continents.

Bluespier has a range of applications for managing all the clinical and administrative details involved in dealing with patients in a private practice. The system has an accessible interface that is easy to use for both professionals and support staff. Systems can be configured to deal with individual private practice requirements and the documentation is easy to customise to suit your particular business needs.

Bluespier private practice manager is based on continuing development and the company offers a number of extra services including importing your historical data and existing patient records, developing the clinical content of your system. The company provides onsite training for both professionals and support staff and is proactive in helping you to enhance patient experience and your practice overall.

Bluespier specialises in clinical development for surgical and medical private practice businesses and is continually updating their system based on cutting edge research. If you have a medical or surgical private practice and want to know more about Bluespier private practice manager, you can email the company for further information and pricing structure.

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