Private practice software
Private practice software

DGL Practice Management Software

DGL offer practice management software solutions to hospitals and clinics, Consultant surgeons and medical secretaries. The software is also used by limited liability partnerships, anaesthetists, and group surgeons’ private practice. The company offers a range of products that are designed to enhance private practice and enable a business to become more profitable. The software has undergone continued design and development in consultation with industry professionals over the last eighteen years. DGL practice management software is flexible, innovative and powerful, while at the same time easy to use.

DGL practice management software comes with full training, data security and data processing from other servers, along with computers, laptops and computer peripheries. There is an integrated transcription bureau service, email, online credit card processing facilities and laboratory links for electronic results in addition to basic modules and customisation. One of this company’s greatest strengths is its ability to recognise that the software demands of every clinic, hospital and practice’s requirements are different from the rest. DGL offers customised, individual solutions to your private practice software needs.

DGL recognises that as a practice grows so its software needs may change, which is why they have a system whereby different modules can be added as and when they are required. Unlike some private practice software, DGL is not just an administrative tool to deal with the business aspects of a practice but combines practice administration with powerful clinical tools. DGL’s range of software features are designed to enable enhanced private practice with the following:

  • Scheduling
  • Accounting
  • Correspondence
  • Billing
  • Stock
  • Marketing
  • Audit
  • Security
  • Clinical records and analysis

DGL practice management software offers a range of benefits to hospitals and clinics, Consultant surgeons and medical secretaries. The clinical records and analysis module provides accurate recording of patient medical histories, diagnoses, treatment, operations, medication and clinical images. Patient notes, scans, results and graphs are easily accessed as are lab results and patient recall. The pre-designed clinical audit screens can be customised to suit requirements and the module provides comprehensive audit reporting. The encrypted database and individual access levels both provide added data and patient personal security. The financial module provides the following benefits to your practice:

  • Improved cash flow
  • A reduction in accountancy fees
  • An increase in staff efficiency
  • A decrease in bad debtors
  • Maximised income
  • Improved patient attendance levels

As a market leader in practice management software DGL is a sound investment for professionals in private practice. DGL practice management software is a long established company with a proven track record in private practice enhancement. DGL can help the future of your practice through their close liaison with industry executives, including accountants and insurance executives etc. These professional liaisons enable DGL to ensure that your practice software is continually updated in accordance with changing industry standards. DGL practice management software providers offer ongoing support for their clients as part of their continued commitment to the enhancement of private practice.

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