Private practice software
Private practice software

alloFactor Review

alloFactor is the all in one medical practice management software that is fast becoming the industry standard. The software is designed to enhance and add value to your private practice healthcare business through reduced costs, improved staff performance and an increase in revenue. alloFactor combines back office management systems with a clinical front office together in a single package. Gone are the days of duplicate data entry and the problem of trying to get different systems to work in sync with one another. alloFactor has you covered for new technological developments and any upcoming regulatory requirements.

Staff productivity is enhanced because of the automation of a number of manual tasks, including remittance posting, eligibility verification and patient reminders alloFactor practice management software is designed to allow doctors and other staff to access patient data from home or from other practice locations. The software helps to reduce errors and payer rejections, enabling you to get paid sooner; you can also customise rules for your practice to further reduce any errors.

alloFactor practice management software paying clients and co-insurance amounts show up automatically which means less waiting to get paid. If reminders are needed, it is easy to generate patient statements and send them out. There is no need for additional IT staff to update the system as alloFactor updates itself automatically with a similar interface to Microsoft Office. There should be no concern about data security because it is encrypted during transmission and only available to staff with the correct access levels. Data is further protected by a system that is automatically backed up every evening, further increasing your confidence over potential data loss and security.

Your front desk reception needs are made easy with alloFactor appointment scheduling, patient check ins and registration and end of day reporting. At the end of the day the accounts feature deals with that dayís patient billing and insurance. alloFactor makes it easy for doctors to view a patientís medical history and enter any notes into one of the specialised templates. There are no location restrictions on alloFactor practice management software and you do not require a licence, most clients save up to 90% on their IT budget when they have alloFactor installed.

alloFactor is one of the most cost effective practice management softwares because it is free and you only pay for support and additional features, such as electronic claims submission. alloFactor is part of Iris Medical Services LLC and is streets ahead of its competitors with its integrated, all in one practice management software. You pay for the hosting of your data but data ownership remains with your practice. A slight drawback is that because alloFactor is a web based system, if your internet connectivity goes down the software will cease functioning until your connection is restored. alloFactor charges you a low monthly fee and offers continued support throughout your use of the product. If you are looking for practice management software that wonít cost you the earth and that will enhance your private practice, then alloFactor is for you.

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