Private practice software
Private practice software

Physiotherapy Private Practice Software

There are many different physiotherapy private practice software systems on the market, each of them designed to help practitioners improve their practice. One of the things that often gets overlooked in busy private clinics is the accurate billing of customers. Most physiotherapy private practice software will contain a billing module that will enable you to make sure that your clients are billed accurately, and will often flag up debtors and late payers. Improving customer billing systems can save professionals in private practice a good deal of money, and in those terms the software almost pays for itself.

WinTAPS Review

WinTAPS is private practice management software for physiotherapists and has come to be regarded as the leading application in its field. WinTAPS is designed to help you manage and enhance clinical practice and patient experience and to see your business grow. Private practice software ensures better patient billing which will save you money and reduce the costs of administration.

Product Features

WinTAPS physiotherapy private practice management software is all inclusive and once you have purchased it you will not need to buy extra modules or licence fees for further workstations. The system comes with inbuilt network connectivity and ongoing support at a moderate monthly cost. WinTAPS is looking to introduce rental plans in the near future for those who donít want to commit to buy straight away. The system has a number of features, both administrative and clinical. The billing and accounts module helps you to keep check of patientís financial status, the module does an automated invoice run and also an invoice reminder run Ė the reminders help you to keep debtors and late payments to a minimum. There is also a practice income and expenditure tracking screen to help you keep on top of outgoings and income.

If you have a variety of patients e.g., private, group, insurance and contract these can be merged together with ease, while at the same time keep individual client records and treatment notes. The WinTAPS system has colour coded treatment notes so that you can see at a glance what has been done and what is still necessary for patient rehabilitation. The networking and emailing systems make it easier to deal with multipractice management when you have more than one clinic, files can also be accessed from all locations. WinTAPS offers patient clinical notes and body charts with diagnosis, treatment and outcome measurements all of which can be automatically assigned to individual client records.

WinTAPS has an automatic letter creation module with various customisable templates and a multi-resource diary with real time messaging and a record of loaned items. The product features a day list and to do list so you can see at a glance your tasks and appointments for the day. If you are not sure about WinTAPS it is a simple matter to order a trial of the software to see whether it suits your practice needs. If you are looking for a private practice management system that is comprehensive and affordable then you should give WinTAPS a try.

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