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Private practice software

PPS Rushcliff Review

PPS Rushcliff private practice software aims to bring you a complete software package at a price that you can afford. PPS Rushcliff is considered to be a market leader for practitioners and clinics as it takes care of the business side of things to give you time to look after your clients. PPS Rushcliff is in use in more than 1800 clinics in the UK alone and is considered the best solution to practice and patient management. PPS Rushcliff is also available online and provides you with access to your client database from any MAC or PC anywhere and you can use PPS remote for registering patients and booking appointments when you are away from the clinic.

Product Features

PPS Rushcliff has a number of modules to make the running of your clinic more manageable and enhance the experience of your patients. Individual client records can store their medical history, appointments, treatment and payment details. You can contact the client or their insurance company for invoicing. The patient log allows you to enter all the information relating to a specific client on one screen and contains their account status and a note of any letters that need to be sent. Patient log and individual client records can be synced together to give you a complete picture of that client.

The PPS Rushcliff appointments diary is designed to operate in the same way as any other desktop diary. The diary can be set up to show your tasks and individual client appointments and the available appointment times for each of the practitioners at the clinic. The diary can be customised to suit your business requirements, including listing all the practitioners on one page. In the activities module you can keep track of all that is going on in your practice, send patient reminders and deal with emails. The PPS clinical notes module gives you access to all a patientís previous notes and chart previews. The system is designed to be flexible and you can design your own forms, charts and diagrams. All notes can be stored with the corresponding episode of treatment, important information can be flagged for later and all clinical information can be synced with individual patient records.

PPS Rushcliff includes a wide range of customisable reports. You can generate reports on patient treatment and clinical details and on payments, appointments, invoicing and invoice reminders. The PPS accounts module has a wide range of features including patient billing, insurance, invoicing and third party billing. You can generate letters for old debts and late invoices. The module also includes practice income and expenditure and you can generate reports to give you a full picture of your practice accounts.

PPS Rushcliff services include consultation, data merging and corporate installation as well as staff training and ongoing maintenance and support. The software can be used across multiple clinic locations. PPS Rushcliff offers a comprehensive pricing system and a number of features come at an extra cost in addition to the licence and any additional modules.

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