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Private practice software

TM2 Practice Management Review

TM2 practice management solutions are the foremost patient and practice UK management system and is also widely used in Ireland and Australia. The powerful functionality of TM2 practice management solutions make it more comprehensive and reliable, yet easy to use. TM2 is meant to be both a practice management and business management system tool that helps you to take greater control of your business and provide enhanced care for your clients.

Product Features

TM2 practice management solutions offers a comprehensive patient records module containing client demographics, case history, appointment history, details and care. The patient log contains details of treatment and rehabilitation as well as highlighted alerts for important information. The records also contain emails, letters sent and patient finances and insurance company. Patient emails and letters can be merged so that all the information relating to a particular patient is in one place.

The TM2 practice management solutions scheduling module contains individual practitioner and support staff diaries, direct access to other modules such as the clinical module. Scheduling also contains staff holidays, working times, direct billing, online booking and comprehensive reporting. The TM2 clinical module is fully configurable with virtually unlimited options, touch technologies allows for touch screen access and patient check ins.

The comprehensive imaging function lets you record all the visual details of an individual case, you can take photos or use the body charting function. All of the imaging details can be automatically assigned to individual client records. The module will generate detailed reports on clinical data; Clinical details are directly accessible from the practice diaries. For physiotherapy there are onscreen maitland characters.

TM2 practice management solutions finance module deals with practice income and outgoings, including multiple consultancy and stock, write offs, excess payments and invoicing and details on self employed members of staff. There is a unique account for each payment with all of their billing details; you can generate comprehensive reports to give you an overall picture of both patient and business accounts.

The TM2 reporting and letters module allows you to produce fully customised patient, business and financial reports as well as reports on current clinical statistics. All letters and client documents can be accessed from here as well as SMS messaging and emails. Central and bespoke reporting is also available in this module.

TM2 offers practice management solutions to small, large and multiple clinics and has different pricing structures to suit individual business needs. The team at TM3 is dedicated to finding you the right practice management solution for your business and aim to assist clients from the consultation and evaluation process and onto purchasing, planning and getting the system live. The company can help you to budget your purchase and to allow for initial staff training. The company also provides email and telephone support which is extra. You buy the basic system and add other modules as needed. If you donít want or canít afford to purchase your system upfront TM2 operate a leasing system for a basic monthly fee of L37.

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