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Private practice software

Tab Dental Review

Tab dental practice management software is the leading product for dentists’ clinics as it was developed in consultation with practice managers, nurses and dentists. Tab is the top name in dental practice management software and is used by dentists across the UK and even abroad. The software is easy to come to grips with and most practices require only one day’s staff training before they go live.

Dentists like Tab dental practice software for many reasons but chief among them is the clear and upfront pricing structure that Tab presents to users. Some providers of practice management software are not always clear on their pricing structure and practices find themselves with a host of on costs that they hadn’t expected.

User experience with Tab dental practice management software clearly shows that using the software has improved professional/patient relationships, reduced the number of bad debtors, and enhanced their private practice overall. There is plenty of email and telephone support after the training period and the company also provides user manuals and helpful literature.

Product Features

Tab dental practice management software, successfully combines administration and business modules with a wealth of clinical and patient documentation. There is a patient record management feature and the ability to import existing patient documentation. The software handles patient reviews and appointments as well as billing. The software allocates all relevant information to individual patient records and this makes it easy to see which patients are late payers. Many dentists in private practice also deal with NHS patients and the NHS transmission feature makes it easy to claim payments online. The software deals with documentation and emails and assigns these to individual patient records, allowing for a comprehensive report on an individual patient.

Tab dental practice management software contains advanced clinical features, including treatment planning, which includes planning for NHS patients, clinical and perio charting and digital imaging. The product comes with all major third party software links built into the database. Tab is confident of their data security measures and all transmitted data is encrypted and only available to those members of staff with the right level of access permission. Practice data is backed up on a regular basis so you can rest assured that your data is secure and all precautions have been taken to guard against data loss.

Tab dental practice management software’s digital imaging feature allows for photos and X-rays to be attached to individual patient records. The imaging feature lets users edit images as necessary and import and export images as required. The software allows users to network across multiple sites on the web and allows staff to access patient and administration data from any office and from home if needed.

If you run a dental practice then Tab software could be the answer to your needs. This company is a market leader and offers software features that are relevant to the day to day practice of running a dental clinic. Tab is a sound product and the company offers good customer training and ongoing support.

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