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Private practice software

Fusion Software Fusion software Bridge-IT Review

Fusion software Fusion software Bridge-IT dental management software aims to provide the complete solution for contemporary dental practices. Fusion software Bridge-IT practice management software can be purchased or for practices that do not want major upfront costs, it is available on a subscription basis Ė for a single monthly fee you can access your data from anywhere. There is a number of options with Fusion software Bridge-IT dental software and you need to find the solution that best suits your needs in consultation with the company.

Fusion Software are market leaders in developing applications that will enhance dentistsí private practice. Fusion software Bridge-IT dental management software is the companyís flagship product. and is aimed at dentists in private practice and across the NHS.

Product Features

Fusion software Bridge-IT dental management software covers a wide spectrum of needs for both private practice and NHS dentists. The software has a full range of administrative and account features as well as advanced clinical modules, software also comes with a virtual waiting room that allows dentists to see the number of patients in the clinic. There is an appointment diary that allows you to see what appointments are waiting for all professionals. The diary is customisable and allows for appointment changes and the ability to see which patients have missed appointments; this is an important feature because missed appointments will cost your practice money. An increasing number of dentists now apply a fee to patients who have missed more than one appointment without cancelling.

Patient records contain photo IDs and graphs and charts of a patientís current and planned treatment. Dentists can print out a copy of treatment plans and proposals for the patient to consider. Fusion software Bridge-IT contains a perio charting feature that can be printed off in full colour. All treatment notes and charts are automatically attached to individual patient records and the software contains links to all major digital radiography/imaging systems. Images can be accessed and then attached to individual patient records. The software has an automatic patient recall feature and letters can be produced and sent out as reminders of an upcoming appointment.

Fusion software Bridge-IT dental management software billing feature deals with all the treatment cost estimates, invoicing and payments. The software will generate invoices once a patientís treatment is complete and it is easy to track the status on invoices and send out reminders for any that remain unpaid. You can generate full reports with Fusion software Bridge-IT because the reporting feature is built into the software and can generate comprehensive reports on individual patients and on any area of your practice.

With Fusion software Bridge-IT the user has total control over their data security and allows you to permit or deny access to any part of the programme. There is a tracking function in the software that show which staff member last made changes to any of the records and documentation. Your historical records can be seamlessly imported into the programme securely and in an encrypted fashion. If you are looking for dental management software that covers every aspect of a working dental practice then Fusion software Bridge-IT has a lot to recommend it.

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