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Private practice software

Shire Dental System

Shire Design systems have been concerned with dental practice management systems since the late nineteen eighties and have evolved the Shire dental system. The Shire system is powerful system that has been designed to aid dentists, working in both the NHS and private practice, in that practice. The developers have come up with a system that is designed to enhance dental practice. The system has been developed for use by dentists in private practice and within the NHS. This is a top of the range system that is in use by dentists throughout the UK and enables them to keep on top of their finances ad well as their actual practice. The Shire dental system has a range of excellent features to improve and enhance both the practice and patient experience.


The Shire dental system has a good range of both administrative and clinical features and these are well integrated within the system. The patient details screen shows their demographic details, including family members and their past, current and planned treatments. The feature also shows all appointments for that patient, including future appointments and patient recall. This system also shows the patientís preferred dentist. The appointment book shows the appointments for all patients and their preferred dentist on a particular day.

The payment screen feature allows for different types of payment, e.g. cash, cheques and cards. This feature produces receipts and reports of debtors and slow payers. NHS payments are entered into a separate NHS screen. Details on the NHS screen can be entered for a batch of patients or for an individual. Copies of particular payments and invoices can be printed off as necessary with just a click of the mouse.

The Shire dental systemís charting and treatment screens give graphical representations and treatment notes which can also be attached to individual patient records. The Shire dental system includes digital X-rays and pictures from a digital oral camera and both of these can be attached to individual patient records. The treatment journal includes records of all patient treatments past, present and planned. The filter feature on the treatment journal allows dentists to look at the state of just one tooth if necessary.

The Shire dental system uses Microsoft technology and can produce a variety of customised reports, both financial and clinical. The developers of the Shire dental system recognise that IT skills differ both across practices and within them and offer a detailed training schedule to guide all users through the system. In addition to consultation, installation and training the company offers after sales ongoing support and maintenance.

You can purchase Shire dental system on a twelve month easy payment schedule. The company offers a comprehensive pricing system, showing the cost of each module and the additional price for extra workstations. Clinical software is more expensive than practice administration and management software and hardware updates and ongoing support are priced on a monthly basis. The Shire dental system is at the more expensive end of practice management systems but it is also among the most comprehensive.

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