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Private practice software

Vet Solutions Review

Vet Solutions provides practice management software for veterinary practices and is a market leader in that field. The company has more than twenty years experience in developing and providing reliable and effective software solutions for veterinary surgeries. Vet Solutions is run by a team that includes qualified practice managers, IT professionals and professional veterinary nurses to provide for the IT and practice management needs of small and large veterinary practices.

Vet Solutions offers a number of products and solutions for veterinary practices including Premvet and Robovet 4 Vet Solutions Premvet is designed to work on almost any combination of terminals, printers and scanners, and all practice data is held on a central server. PCs can be used and can double up with word processing and accounting functions. Premvet is designed to be a flexible solution relevant to the different needs of various practices and has a range of beneficial features including, Windows integration, fully functioning accounts module, appointments, reminder and recall system, individual records, diaries and stock control. Premvet has been successfully integrated with DataMajor based on user requirements.

Vet Solutions Robovet4 is one of the best Windows based practice management software solutions on the market and will run on any Windows system. Robovet4 combines many of the beneficial modules available in Premvet and for veterinary surgeries with multiple branches, provides a much better integration of data between the sites. New facilities will allow for the merging of individual and collective client data. Robovet4 is designed to be an effective package for the modern veterinary practice. Vet Solutions plan to follow the successful merging of the DataMajor with Premvet by using it with Robovet4.

Vet Solutions offers a full range of IT services along with the supply of third party support, training and hardware supply and support to facilitate better veterinary practice management. The company offers 24 hour web based support to enable clients to get the best out of their practice management systems. In emergency situations Vet Solutions offers clients an out of hours service. Ongoing system updates and practice staff turnover means that there is always a need for training at both basic and advanced levels. Vet Solutions provides bespoke training in accordance with individual practice needs. Free workshops are available throughout the year and individual practice training sessions.

You have to contact Vet Solutions for their fees and pricing policies but they do offer a fully integrated and practical software practice management solution for veterinary practices. Unlike some of the veterinary practice management software on the market Vet solutions offer full support and training facilities, including hardware support. All their prices include call out fees and parts with additional fees for computing consumables. The company state that their prices are highly competitive in the veterinary practice management software industry and their support fees are around 50 percent lower than some other providers of software for veterinary practices. If you are looking for a fully integrated practice management software system designed for veterinary surgeries, with good customer training and support, then you might want to check out Vet Solutions’ prices.

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