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Private practice software

ezVetPro Review

If you want to provide the kind of veterinary services that your clients expect then you might want to think about ezVetPro practice management software for veterinary practices. ezVetPro practice management software will equip your practice group with the tools that it needs to provide an efficient and effective veterinary service. The company will work with you to discuss your particular practice needs and then integrate them into your operational systems. ezVetPro has a number of beneficial features that will help you to save money and enhance customer experience.

Product Features

ezVetPro practice management software works via a number of screens, each of which is designed to support the various elements of your practice, both business and clinical. ezVetPro is an Office based system that should work on your office PC. The explorer screen is designed to provide the user with access to all aspects of the practice or practice group. The explorer screen tabulates information across the screen that can be filtered and used to generate reports. The explorer screen provides access to all the general functions while practice records are controlled by functions that are more sensitive.

ezVetPro client accounts and information are accessed and managed via the client screen, including chargeable items, billing, payments, multimedia attachments and letters. Payment types include cash, cheque, card and insurance payments. This screen also lists all of the clients’ pets, including those that have been put to sleep. The screen involves invoicing, letters and account issues, including unpaid accounts. This feature allows you to keep up with debtors and bad payers to increase your business income.

The animal screen in ezVetPro contains all the information for an individual animal, including treatment history, current treatment and planned treatment. The screen also contains information for vaccination and booster dates and patient appointments and recall. Treatments and digital images can be attached to the relevant animal record. The screen can generate recall letters to ensure that recalls are not missed. Notes include any warning information about a particular animal, such as whether it is afraid of sudden noises, of if it is likely to snap during treatment. The record also holds information on dispensing and prescriptions. Treatment and medication costs can be linked directly to the owner’s account in the client screen and an invoice generated either for the client or their insurer.

The ezVetPro diary screen lists tasks and appointments for all practitioners across the practice and lists specific events such as operations and animal boarding during treatment. Reports can be generated from the diary and from the animal screen to give a full picture of what is happening at your practice.

ezVetPro offers ongoing user support and dealing with them at the earliest opportunity. Remote access techniques allow the technician to see the screen and talk you through the problem in many cases. The company asks that you contact them for their pricing structure as much of it will depend on consultation and individual practice needs.

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